The story-teller in me

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be a “story teller”. Whether it was in my 40 years of  making dry  10 th grad Physics and Maths classed come alive with an inventor’s tale or in teaching my children some values in small stories when they were young or just making up atleast five better ending to a thriller movie… there was always a story to tell.

A furious rage on seeing a young women fighting against the shackles of the society sparked some stories to The Women’s Era. An enthusiastic poor child’s  happy banter will serving us tea in a random village laid its way to a heart rendering tale.

As my kids grew,an ardent yet suppressed desire for adventure and thrill stole its way through a series of mystery stories. I wrote stories of adventure and science for them. Some of these I published in a series of children’s fiction…many more sit in my hand written notebook



A newspaper article on a horrendous tale of child abuse lead to my first adult fiction novel, The Wrong Chase.


After truly incubating ages while I was busy with my family, from raising my own right until my grandchildren, I recently in March 2016 published my adventure thriller,“Incubating in the Deep”


But these are but a scratch on the surface of the many stories that are waiting to unfold. Hence the blog… to share these stories with you.

All I ask is if you do get here and read my tales.. do drop me a line and let me know how you liked them?




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