Are we serious about this?

organ-donation-in-indiaA short time ago some religious ceremonies were performed in our house. When the function was over one of our young boys asked the Purohit about some doubts on the ‘Shraddha ceremony’, the annual ceremony offered to the departed souls. As the conversations progressed I was shocked by some of the remarks made by the so-called Purohit. He said, “Our entire body is given to us by God and different elements from nature give us different organs. So after our death, it is the duty of the living relatives to give back those organs to the elements in nature by cremating the body. The so-called Organ donation is a huge Sin. How can anyone donate something when it does not belong to them at all?”

I nearly went mad listening to this statement. But unfortunately, I had to refrain from answering him because it was a religious ceremony and arguing or advising was improper in that situation. But later I did fume to that young boy giving vent to all my suppressed anger on a wrong statement. I asked him, “Rajesh, someone should have asked that Purohit that if that Purohit’s kidney collapses tomorrow, will he refuse a donation because it is sin to take someone’s organ and choose to die instead? Or if his son requires a heart transplant will he still say taking donated organ is a sin?”

But later this statement made me realise the fact that even today none of us had taken this thought of organ donation seriously at all. In spite of all our education and awareness of health issue, we still do not think about the lives we can possibly save at the time of our death, by our organ donation. Once we are dead, our body is going to be burnt or buried and no one is going to preserve it or love it. So if something is going to be burnt or going to be allowed to decay, why not use the organs which can save some living humans?

Mostly whenever the death strikes a family, the close relatives don’t like their loved one’s body to be cut open for the donation sake, and it is a bit difficult for them to accept. But instead, they should think that even after death, their loved ones are going to be alive in this world, as part of someone’s body.Then think of all that happiness you are giving to the entire family of that recipient, who had lost all their hopes.

If all the cine stars who endorse beauty creams could spend some time for the wellness of the common man by endorsing and explaining the importance of the organ donation, there will be definitely a world of change. All those Religious Guru’s who preach day after day, about the Karma and Rebirth should also spread the message that the greatest charity a man can do even after his death, is an organ donation. Doctors in the hospital could also talk to the relatives about the organ donation if the patient is critical. Of course, this will be a very delicate subject to talk but many times the relatives will definitely agree. There should be councillors in each hospital who can counsel people coming from rural and illiterate background about the greatness of organ donation.

Now, what about the politicians? In fact, in future, we should vote only for those candidates who first pledge all their organs for donation. After all, they want to serve the country and what other way is better than the organ donation?

The irony of this organ donation is that,  only when we are the ones who is suffering and is in dire need of some one’s donated organ, only then we would really feel the actual pain and agony and the dire need for this donation. It is not that only the brain dead people who can donate organs. There is still a lack of awareness about this. Even after normal death, some of the body parts can be removed within one or two hours—the time it takes for the hospital authorities to hand over the body.

It is not only the heart or liver or kidney that can be donated. As shown in the chart above many other tissues like the bones, the skin, valves etc could also be donated. The bone could help young people who lose their limbs in accidents can be helped with the bones. The skin is as major help for skin grafting for the people who suffer from burn injuries.

Friends please share this article with your friends and help in spreading awareness and let us save lives. Let us give the ailing ones a chance to live!.


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