Drip….Drip….. it is leaking!!

The everyday newspaper has at least, one  news of a question paper leak. Starting from the high-level Army recruitment Examination to SSC, HSC board examination, degree papers — you name it all. Every paper is already out and is now available in the “What up” of everyone’s cell phone long before the examination halls gets the paper.

It is not shocking or surprising. Our country has a large population of people who had mastered the technique of stealing the question paper from the printing house and also they are very skilled in the modern technique of communication from computer to cell phone to blue-tooth.  There is an equally large number of so called ‘students’, who never attended the classes and enjoyed themselves during the college days, who are ready to pay any amount to get the question paper. So it is the new flourishing business, a market of demand and supply and easy profit.

Besides the question paper leaking, there is the next stage of mass copying. In some places in North India, the answers are dictated through the window and the invigilators can do nothing.  Now with the latest technology, a student writing the examination may have a tiny microchip hidden inside his hair dictating the answers –( Courtesy of the movie-   Munna  Bhai MBBS)! The authority can prevent how much of this?   Shall we install Video cameras in the examination Hall?  Or shall we post Gun wielding policemen?   Everything is Impossible just because of our large population, who take the exams and a lot of men who have a brilliant criminal brain.


There are two possible solutions.  The bulk portion of all examinations question papers should be made of objective type. If a little serious thought is put into this it is not an impossible task.  Say in a B.Com paper which is mostly subjective with problems of calling for mathematical computations give the student four options of answers. He has to work the problem if he has to give the answer. As a first step convert  75% of the syllabus into the objective type of questions where the student still has to work out his answers. Then the second step is to feed the computer with a large number of questions to prepare a question bank.  Just ten minutes before the actual examination the print out of the question papers could be taken out. The computer will select an assorted question by permutation combination method from the question bank questions. Now every question paper will be different but all chapters justified and balanced.   So no copying is possible. This method will also save the great pressure of carrying the question papers to different centers in the choking traffic with two policemen.  Only those students who pass these examinations with more that 60% marks can appear for the second level of written short papers of one hour for each subject. Since the objectives answer sheets can be corrected with the computer, teacher’s burden of correcting the written papers and errors in correction will also be minimized.


The second alternative is if some system demands only fully written papers like the language papers, then about thirty numbers of question papers are to be prepared by the professors covering properly all the segments of the subject. Then these questions have to be fed into the computer according to the topics.  The final question paper, in this case, will also be the choice of the computer which will make a question paper choosing the required number of questions,  balancing the topics. In this case, again the question paper for each person will be difficult.  To solve the difficulty of the teachers in correcting different papers the question papers can be classified   A, B, C etc. After collecting the answer papers from different centers it will be sorted out according to the alphabet and repack so that the correcting teachers will get only one type question paper and its s answer books. This will also take care of some centers getting very high marks and some more failures and an average correction will prevail.

If the Education ministry and people working in the Examination divisions and the allied section put their heads together then the solution is not difficult or impossible.

Trying to buy the leaked question paper or copying in the examination are the reflections of cheating mentality and we should not allow the younger generation to become pray for it.







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