The Backseat driving( Part II)


Time started flying now.  She relentlessly applied for various vacancies though she never got a single call from anywhere. She searched through the folders in the house safe and listed out all the details of investments, which were in her name.  The news was good. Without her knowledge, the house was already in her name now. Almost all in investments were done only in her name. Financially she was secure.

In her interior designer short course, she was the butt of all the youngsters. Firstly she was a too old student in the bunch of all youngsters. Secondly, she was too clumsy in handling the computer projects.  But she learned to ignore all that. She sat till late night,  and feverishly worked on PC and practised. Her continuous late night hard work, added to the workout in the building Gym, pulled her weight down and she looked very trim now. The new haircut and colour gave her a youthful look.  She started liking her looks and her professional classes. As days passed the new ideas in designing which she presented in the class started gaining appreciation and the young girls and her professor started looking at her with respect. Finally, she got an offer for a job. Her professor had forwarded one of her design to an interior designer and that project got her the job.  She started working.  She was so involved in her job that whole day she had no time to think. After coming home until the late night she did her homework. Life became a happy dream for her.

Aryan continued to return only in the early mornings and she was now above all feelings. One more month was over. That day as she was helping the maid to set the table for breakfast  Aryan noticed her and he whistled loud. He said, “ Oh God, who is this young lady here? Where is my wife Ankita?  Hi, Ankita what magic pill are you taking to change like this?” His daughter said, “Dad, it is three months since Mom changed her hair style, and you are noticing her only today. Shame  on you Dad!”office-1

Aryan stared at her for some more time and said,” Hi baby, it is not just the hair style. Your mom has gone through a total change. She looks too young and pretty now” The children started teasing their father and she just smiled. She was no more the frightened nervous girl now. She was a confident lady who can now take care of her own life. She was no more a back seat driver.

That was a Saturday. Aryan had not returned from the office that day and the children were having their breakfast. Suddenly the children screamed,  ” Mama come here. Papa is in TV” She rushed to the front room.

The news reporter was reporting about a big money laundering which was unearthed the previous night. He said that the credit went to the CEO of the investment company Mr Aryan.  A dozen mikes were pushed near a very tired looking Aryan’s face,  and he was patiently reporting about the scam. Sheena was standing next to him along with a dozen CBI officers.  Aryan was politely saying, “Actually all the credit goes to the CBI officer Sheena,  and her team who sat,  night after night in the hotel room,  video recording all the conversation going on in the next room. This how we were able to catch the this biggest racket of people”

Aryan was talking more about their operation, but nothing was registering in Ankita’s brain.  She stood too shocked. She muttered, “Sheena. a CBI officer.  A whole team of them were sitting in the hotel room where she thought Aryan was with his girlfriend !”

At the same time, Kiya phoned. She said,” Did you hear the news Ankita? Aryan is the big hero today.  He has unearthed the biggest laundering of money.  He has purposely put up an acting of an affair with Sheena so that no one would suspect him going into the hotel room, when he had twenty CBI officers in that room video recording the next room, through the hole drilled in the wall. I am so sorry Ankita I   scared you with all that wrong information”

After two hours Aryan came home. The children jumped on him and hugged him in happiness.  After answering all their questions patiently he came to Ankita who was standing at a distance staring at him with wide eyes.

He said, “Ankita when this project was being discussed, we four officers were the choice for the job. But when it was told,  that we have to act a drama of an affair to fool the fat criminals, everyone showed a knee jerk reaction. They were afraid of their wives reaction. Only I told them that I will go with the project. I told them that my wife had an unshakable faith in me so nothing will go wrong. Am I not right dear?”

Suddenly Ankita threw herself on Aryan and cried uncontrollably, feeling guilty, while a surprised Aryan just held her tight.But whatever be the outcome, one good thing about the episode is that she realised that women should not be the

But whatever be the outcome, one good thing about the episode is that she realised that women should not be the back seat driver just because they are comfortably settled in life. Now she is even advising her friends about this.









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