The Backseat Driving

Women in their life act different roles in different part of their life.  This is the story of a  woman who remained  an ignorant  wife till the thunder struck her:

 Back seat driving-   Part Ihouse-wifes-2

Ankita stared blankly at the dozens of colourful photographs splashed over the coffee table. There was no need for her to pick up one of them in hand to look closely. She could clearly see that the man entering the hotel room hugging the sexy lady or the one taking a selfie with that lady and the other fifty-odd photographs, were all her own, husband Aryan.

Her friend Kiya moved closer to her in the sofa and hugging her shoulder gently said with a soft sympathetic whisper, ” I am so sorry Ankita, I asked the detective to shadow Aryan only because I was dead sure that all the rumour in the office about Aryan and his new PA Sheena are all baseless. I never thought that it will end up like this”

Ankita looked up at her and said in a dry voice, “What is your mistake Kiya if my own husband ……”She managed to swallow her tears.

Kiya excused herself and going to the kitchen quickly made two cups of coffee. Coming back and handing over the cup to Ankita she sat down.  She forced Ankita to drink the coffee.

Then after a moment’s silence she started talking in a soothing, velvet voice, “Ankita, though this affair was going on for past three months, Aryan has never mentioned anything thing to you and had not shown any change in his behaviour to you or to your children. Am I right?”

Ankita looked up with a confused expression. The coffee had done well. She was not crying now. She asked a single word. “So?”

Kiya said, “It means Ankita, your husband is still attached to your family. So I don’t think that he would take any drastic step immediately. That means either he may end the affair on his own. Or he may think of a separation only after some time. So we have some time to prepare for the worst”

Ankita still looked at her with a bewildered look and said, “Kiya I am not able to understand anything. What are you trying to say?”

Kiya looked at her friend with sympathy. The ignorance of Indian married and well-settled women, in spite of their high education, is really shocking. She said trying to keep her voice very silky and said, “Ankita suppose Aryan decides to take a divorce, I just want to know how you are placed financially? Would you be able to pull through all alone, with two of your children in college, calling for a high amount of finance? How much money you have to support you in savings like FD, Mutual funds etc on your own name? What about the house? Is it in joint name or is it only in the name of your husband?

Ankita looked shell shocked. She started in a meek voice, “Well, I never thought of having my own savings. House is in his own name. Some mutual funds or FDs are all in the joint name. Actually, I had hardly looked into any of the financial transaction. I just use to put countersignature in the forms without reading them. Our saving accounts just hold money for monthly transactions and that also……”

Kiya said, “Don’t get worked up Ankita. I was just doing a reality check.  Knowing very well about Aryan,  if by chance he divorces you, he will be good enough to provide for you and kid.  Financially you will not be hit so badly. But beyond all this, there is one grim reality of divorce. That is your coping with the loneliness and depression. Because of this, it is very important that you start looking for a job right now. Do not be choosy. Take any job available. But the first idea is to keep yourself engaged and self-sufficient. Think calmly and at leisure. Nothing is so serious that you have to panic just now.” She gave a warm hug to her friend and collecting all the photographs left the room.

Ankita still sat dazed. Her husband Aryan, who loved her so much, is having an affair! Her marriage is a quarter century old and she has two children in twenties still in college. Until today Aryan had not raised his voice, got angry for anything she did. Even when once she lost her chain to a chain snatcher he said calmly, “Forget about it as a bad accident. Suppose he had pushed you down or hurt you, what would have happened to me or the kids? So just be thankful that God was kind to you” Such a nice husband, how can he fall for an affair? She could still not believe the truth.

At night after her children had retired, she sat on the bed and her eyes fell on her reflection in the mirror. Oh God, she had put on so much weight, bulging all over. When did she change like this? Her hair was all in a mess. Not a single time Aryan had made any remark on this. As married life progress, almost all women take life for granted that everything is fine. In spite of all her education, she becomes the back seat driver and is satisfied with that till a thunder like this strike them!

Early morning Aryan opened the house door at 3 AM as usual. He first went to the children’s room to check on them and then came back and changed. She was pretending to be in deep sleep. He came near her and stood to look at her face. Then he gently fondled her hair. She swallowed hard the choking sensation,  with a great difficulty. He moved to his side of the bed and within seconds he was fast asleep.

Next day morning breakfast was as usual. Both her children were laughing with their house-wife-1father with some meaningless conversation and he was bursting out laughing so loudly. Ankita could not believe her eyes. Is this all only an acting?

After everyone left the house, first she booked an appointment with a famous Parlour and in the same breath enrolled herself for a fitness class. Now she started looking for a placement in an interior designer job, which she was doing before marriage.  Suddenly she realised how much the world has moved ahead of her. The whole world was digital now and she did not have that much computer skill in the interior designing field. Then she searched in the PC and enrolled for a short term interior course near her house.

_                                                                               ( to be continued)


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