The  Supreme court of India had banned the sale of Firecrackers in Delhi.

This is a huge move  and for this “surgical strike against pollution” we,  the common man of India, salute Our Supreme Court. We pray that soon this ban is  be extended all over the country.

 India has 1.34 billion heterogeneous population, stratified by many factors like the cast, religion and language etc. A  thin cream of the population has become very elite and advanced  in life, with high education. But in most of India, there is a wide use of high-level technology in all the fields and they too can be classified as sophisticated.  But Indians, whatever be their education or  their place in the society has one impossible fixation . That is to celebrate any  function , individual or social with a lot of fanfare and huge  NOISE. Yes in  India no function is complete,  without  the beating of loud drums and music and fire crackers. Whether it is a marriage, or a politician winning a party ticket, or it is the inauguration of a new shop or the box office opening of a movie—-ear piercing, bursting of crackers has become the  order of the  day.

 Years back when the city was not so crowded,  a big procession on the road never raised an eyebrow. But today  when the mega cities are already  bursting with  crawling traffic, making the road travel a nightmare,  imagine a large  mass of humanity f-3clogging the roads in the name of a procession and bursting crackers! Could any sane person do this? Yes! Our Indians do exactly this. The  trouble of the stranded traffic or even the ambulance caught in this is none of their concern. The misery of others is not their concern when they want to celebrate!

The pollution in the air is now dangerously increased to such as a pathetic condition that school children had to wear a mask to attend schools. There are  vehicular pollution and the mushrooming construction activities all over the town adds to the problem. Almost everyone travelling in two wheeler wears a mask.  Adding to this,  the frequent incidences of fire at the dumping yards had  peaked the pollution level to unimaginable high level. Senior citizens and small children are the maximum victims and the hospitalisation  of emergency cases with breathing and chest related problems has steadily increased. It is almost as if we are living in a battlefield, noise and pollution!  In such a prevailing deadly condition if men decide to burst firecrackers for celebrating their event are they really human beings? It is it nothing but the massacre of the society.

Besides all this pollution of the air and ailment,  there is an another  sad story of this firecracker industry. The number of accidents in the firecracker industry is increasing at an alarming rate. Mostly the firecracker Industries in India are like cottage industries.  These manufacture units are not the well-constructed factories, but they are manufactured in any available small rat holes. Most of them are made in dark underground rooms as they are manufactured illegally and without any licenses.  The workers are given any protection gloves or masks, and they handle the pungent chemicals with their bare hands. They also inhale a bulk of these poisonous dust as they are don’t wear any protective face masks.

And the worst than these are, the  most of the employed  are small children, as young as five years old.They live their lives as bonded labourers  with chemical burns, boils on their hand, face and their lives are spent half starving in an  ill-ventilated room. These small children are too young and are ignorant of the toxicity. They Are not aware that the chemicals are inflammable and are highly dangerous. Because of this ignorance,  there are  frequent accidents. Coupled with the lack of proper infrastructure as in factories, like the automatic sprinklers in the case of fire etc, the innocent lives are mercilessly wiped off. Many of these accidents are not even reported for the fear of police action and the burnt children are not given proper treatment.

Fire accidents are also common in the shops where these firecrackers are stored. Many time due to a single accidental  spark,  not only the shop catches fire but the raging fire destroys many   adjacent buildings and property.  Just one year back there was a major fire accident in  one of the  Kerala Temple. In  a closed small place firecracker competition was f-6held,  in spite of the refusal of the police permission for the sports. A major fire accident happened and many were killed in a stampede while trying to escape the fire. How do we categorise this type of madness of the common man, endangering everyone’s life due to sheer stupidity?

The crores of money and other luxury everyone tries to earn for the future of their children. But they forget the most important thing. Their children need air to breath and survive.Please remember that first give them  PURE AIR, Bless your children with pure air and stop polluting the air.

So before you burst crackers to celebrate think of   the tears of blood on those poor children’s eyes  who made it,  and then think of the tears which ARE going to fill  in the eyes  of your child TOMORROW  when he is not able to breathe!


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