Thanks to the timely move

One month back a blog  titled ” Towards a legal Step” was published in which  the appalling condition of the vacant seats in Law colleges was mentioned as follows

  ‘ The Hindustan Times’ reported that there are 9000 vacant seats in the Law colleges…It is reported that this ! It is due to  the confusion and uncertainty over the issue of the Bar council of India’s approval for colleges and  some already pending cases of recognition to some colleges –in short the apathy and indifference  of the Government.


The welcome good news for  today is, that the university had spent some serious  time on the above said critical issues  and  finally had issued  new recognitions  to the erring  colleges, giving them time to implement the correction and, finally the admissions had started.

All we  Indians  know how the court cases in India goes on and on for years. Cases  pending in every court have gone to  an alarming number.  Especially  the poor people trapped in wrong cases are the major victims of these delays. Justice is delayed  for them and  so it is denied to them. Hence getting more law  personnel will go a long way in curbing these delays

As a simple common law abiding citizen,  our heart bleeds when we see people who are guilty  of killing innocent people( sleeping on the platform)  are walking free  for years  unaffected. Added to this  they are also glorified with celebrity status. Poor people who are innocent cannot  get even  bail as they have no support or money.  The rich, though are really  guilty, escape under the pretext of   bail. Then the case  drags on for years  and by the time the hearing comes,  most of the witness against the accused are dead or had disappeared  or gets eliminated.

Just like this major decision, we wish that the  Government law enforcement  agency would look into  this  burning problem of delay in justice and we hope that  the law  of our country may be suitably amended.  The poor people are also Indian Citizens and they have equal rights for justice  and is promised by our constitution.

 Under any condition people who have killed  innocents  by drunk driving are not  to be  spared. They should not be given bail and  they should  be made to remain behind the bars till the  judgment day,  even if  the case drags on for years.

We hope and pray that  let  the guilty be punished and the innocent get justice without delay.










































2 thoughts on “Thanks to the timely move”

  1. I hope India can rectify this issue. It is a travesty that the innocent can’t find absolution and the guilty run free without justice being served. In America, there is a fear of being sued because there are so many lawyers and frivolous lawsuits abound. This extreme is much more desirable than no justice. That is frustrating and I will pray for an answer to be found and implemented soon.


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