Our First step towards a Legal Change

Three days back  ‘ The Hindustan Times’ reported that there are 9000 vacant seats in the Law colleges. Should we call this news—-   shocking, surprising or just brush it off saying this is just the usual thing.  Is it not strange, that on one side we have  hundreds of students still stranded without college admission, while on the other  side we have  empty  Law colleges, vacant libraries and yawning faculties worried about their jobs ? Is it not a serious  wastage of our infrastructure and human resources ?

According to the newspaper actually, 30000 students had taken the CET examination for the law faculty.  Hence it is clear that  students do want to take admission in  the Law Faculty.  But after the third round of admission,  there are no takers for the above-said  number of  seats! It is due to  the confusion and uncertainty over the issue of the Bar council of India’s approval for colleges and  some already pending cases of recognition to some colleges –in short the apathy and indifference  of the Government.

Considering the massive number  of pending cases in our courts, criminals out on bail and walking free for years, innocent people on false charges rotting in the jail for lack of hearing etc actually  we badly need more courts and more law personnel to handle them.Encouraging students for the Law college admission will benefit the country with more legal people on hand for the courts so that the court cases can move faster. Thus it becomes mandatory for the  Government  that it takes some speedy action in this directions and finalize these Law colleges recognition  and the admission process and prevent this wastage of resources.

In fact, the government should take the initiative to make law college admission more lucrative. There should be more incentive like fee concessions, or bank loans for taking up law college education so that more students would think of picking up this line.


Guiding more students to join the Law College will become beneficial to both,  the students and the society, especially for those coming from lower income group who generally never think of taking this line.  It is a well-known fact that it is these lower income group people who are more harassed, victimized by the land sharks, police or the politicians. As these people are mostly ignorant of their rights they are easily gullible for the con man.  By motivating more and more of this population to study law,  there will more awareness among these people about their legal rights. There is a high possibility that this law-abiding group may not participate in violent destructive agitation in future.

It is a well-known fact that our courts have an  alarming number of a backlog of  pending cases. The legal battles go on for years and  many times the justice comes too late. Justice delayed serves no purpose to the victim as it is justice denied .  Hence there is an urgent need for more number of courts to hear the cases. But even with more  legal personnel to handle the cases we still lack the infrastructure to run the courts. To compensate the lack of infrastructure  the best solution is that we may run evening courts, or run the  Courts during the summer( canceling the summer vacation of the British period) or  mobile courts. The simple civil cases of  non-violent nature, like a pickpocket, violation of traffic rules,  or the land  disputes  can be heard  and verdicts can be delivered  faster. The overcrowding of the Lower courts could be avoided.


The government must think of  encouraging  more girl students to join the law college by giving them incentives and placement offers. Then  in near future, just like all women police station or women bank, we can have all women courts, to deal with  all the cases against women.  The cases of domestic violence and rape can be specially taken up in these courts.  Definitely with female lawyers and Judges we can surely hope to get better and sensitive hearing and above all an impartial Judgment.

Hope the Government will take a step towards  strengthening the Legal System.



4 thoughts on “Our First step towards a Legal Change”

    1. Maam I had mentioned the name of the news paper ast the first line. This blog is pertaining to India and if you asre from US you won’t be able to relate to it. If you google out and look at the number of cases pending only in Mumbai courts you will be shocked. Same case prevsils in all other courts of India. None of my blogs are fictions. They are all my deepest feelings for my country asrising out of the real situations. Everh one kn ows in India as most populsr Hindi Star who drove over and killed 3 innocent people and who is also an accused in killing the rare black buck out on bail and no compensation was given to the killed or injured people’s fsmily. The case is going on for past 16 years. Can this happen in US?

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      1. All the time, unfortunately. We have an abundance of lawyers, though, but so many just work for the money they don’t really seek justice or compensation/restitution to the victims. It’s incredibly sad here, as well, but for different reasons. I hope something is changed there for you soon. I wasn’t calling you out as writing fiction. I found it very interesting and now I’ve learned of another need in the world I can pray about. Thanks for writing it and for explaining it to me more. It really does help in how I can pray for India.


  1. You made some very strong points that more people need to hear. I totally agree with your statements. I wonder how we can get this message heard by the right individuals and government? Would they even listen?


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