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Do we really care about our Betis?


Oh!  Great !!  Standing on high platforms, the politicians had blessed the Olympic winner girl and had  loudly declared the slogan “Save the girl child and educate the girl child” Looks too good to see on TV.   Oozing sugar and honey ! But  in reality,  what  is happening just on the ground level,  is too far away from this slogan!.

 To be honest,   how positive and respectful  are we to the millions of women, who  had  managed  to educate themselves and are working, rubbing shoulders with  men folk,  in almost all the fields today? Some women had successfully reached the highest pivotal position in Banking and other envious posts. But still the environment, in which we live, is it conducive and respectful to women?  The most powerful weapon with the potential to change and shape our country, the  newspaper, and TV, have they changed their outlook, attitude towards women? NO. For the media especially the TV, women are still an object of beauty, hot, sexy, with Oomph factors,   only an object to be displayed  for the satisfaction of the hungry rowing eyes of men folk.  They are so shameless that they don’t hesitate to stoop to any level to  show women in any demeaning   way to maintain their rating.

There is a  huge mass of  the population, who continuously watch these,  if not on TV on their mobile.  The serials, or any program, even the news channels  are now reduced to small bits,   inserted between  hundreds of commercials. We are talking about these commercials which are all insulting, humiliating and demeaning to every woman.

 Let us see the example of  a few. A hair oil brand runs as follows.  The Girl enters college on the first day and she is ragged by some senior boys. Ragging is legally an offense and calls for a  Jail term. But who cares about the law?  Next day she puts the said hair oil and enters the college and Oh! The same boy now drools over her.  The Slogan now  says” If you want to shine in college” The next commercial   for a toothpaste runs this way. The boy and girl bump into each other.  The Slogan says” If you want to make a boy follow you,come to club with you …..…” So the girls don’t go to college to get any degree but only to shine and go to  the club with a boy?   Does it mean that our  girls  have no  aspiration to study, progress  and achieve in life?

These commercials   are not just  stopping here.  The sex prejudice has percolated the children’s advertisement also. A chocolate company  boasts of giving freebies! What is the freebie? Cinderella and  princess dolls  for girls, and superman and cars for boys!   How blatantly and daringly, they snub the girl child that she is fit to play only with the dolls!

 All the commercials talking about antiseptics soaps  feature only boys who jumped in puddles, came back dirty from playing sports.  Why can a girl not play sports, why can she not get messy?     The health drinks, which talks about winning in swimming, running and  growing tall are  all boys. All the endorsing champions are male. The “Beti” is never in the picture.

As an exception,  there was a Nike ad recently  with Deepika Padukone and a whole bunch of Indian sportswomen. But the sad truth is that most of us hardly even knew them!


 We all know that there is a strong censor board for movies. But it is high time, that a strong censor board is created for the commercials and all such demeaning, discriminating, ill intended commercials are  not only to be  just banned,   but  the companies which support such commercials are to be  highly penalized for their act. Ban every ad with women fawning over men for deodorants,  with girls being teased in college for their looks, with  fairness lotions and  beauty creams. And make  conscious  attempt to break sterotypes. 

There are a few new ones creeping up like the Bournvita  one with the girl boxer. (Watch here) . But the truth remains like the ariel Ad, while the mom in law feels proud of her daughter in law earning more but the husband still asks her why didnt you wash the shirt!! 

But we need many many more.. with winning strong  girls… strong girls as role models.. girls that play hard, get hurt , run offices and not just worry about “äaj kya banega?”..where dads and kids pitch in in the daily morning everyday.. not just as a one day surprise for the mom who does it everyday.  

 Millions of our population watch these programs all 24 hours of their TV or mobile . We need a change the image of our girls..consciously everywhere.So if the Government is seriously thinking that our “Betis” have to progress in life then the media needs to change inside out to enable the Beti gets   the respect she rightly deserves.



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