Finally, the great fever of the great Olympics is over. As in the past  occasions, zillion things had been talked, written, discussed, splashing  all over the newspapers, Facebook, and all other social media.  A thousand accusations, blame games, starting from the shameful, unqualified doctor sent for the help of the athlete team to the fervor on the dispute over the cast, land of her birth of the winner —   all are now  flickering off slowly. Companies and ministers surfing suddenly, to shower awards to these winners had also made enough publicity. Based on the past records few can vouch whether the promises would be ever fulfilled!

Our country is made up of 1.330 billion people (as per Google). If we feel we have overpopulated ourselves, then we also have to remember that this population could also become our strength. All we need is a better planning, to tap the immense potential, of the younger generation, identifying them from the correct source, and strengthen and polish their skills with a proper focus.

It should be made obligatory that every state government prepares one batch of athletes and sportsperson for the international events. To meet this goal all that is needed is to open  few  special Sports schools with hostel facility  in their states. Population living close to hills or forest area or tribal can be admitted to these schools, instead of the  present regular primary schools. These children due to the sheer environment they are born in and live every day, have much more physical tenacity, persistence and a potential of the high level of tolerance for pain which are the most needed factors for the athletes. Economically backward children can also be admitted in these schools. These students should be trained  for a lot of physical workouts and basic body strengthening exercise for the two third parts of schooling hours and the actual learning portions of school subjects have to be restricted only to three hours. These children should also be provided free food, richly filled with the needed nutrients. Our great tennis player, Vijay Amrita Raj, is running such a model school,  but it is meant only for preparing tennis stars for future.

Our big business giants have opened their own schools and technical institutions in many cities, but they are catering only to the rich population.  If few of these businessmen and cine stars can put their heads together, spend a part of their money ,effort and time,  then opening such schools could become a reality soon.

Such schools not only will support the healthy growth of sports but it will also serve as a decisive factor, in improving the economic condition of hundreds of  children living under the poverty line  in a quicker,   effective and  positive way.

I have seen that both in Linkedin and Facebook there are a number of influential people and educationist. If some of them can think of such schools  and make it  a reality then  by next Olympic definitely India can rub shoulders in Gold medal count with other nations like China and US.




See you in next blog.  Till then happy reading and thinking…….




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