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I wish you were dead

In general, we all have a feeling that children coming from an economically weaker section are easily susceptible to violence as they had to struggle for the smallest things in life.  But in a shocking revelation, it is found in the percent generation of kids who are brought up in an affluent environment with all the privileges   are exhibiting unbelievable of violence and this is becoming a real challenge for the school teachers. This story of Shiva is one of this.

Shakthi and Shiva were brother-sister twins and were studying in the 8th standard of our school.  Though both of them were twins they were poles apart in their behaviour and attitude. Shiva was downloadimpulsive, short tempered boy but Shakthi was calm, soft-spoken. In spite of his impulsive nature, Shiva was a brilliant boy. Every year he won elocution, Science quiz, Mathematics quiz etc and won cups for the school. All the teachers just loved him. As Shakthi was just average in studies and she always needed the help of her brother for her home works.  When Shiva helped his sister in the recess some more girls use to flock around him to learn from him.

Three months after the school had started a new boy Akash joined their school. His father was a well-known scientist and his mother was a chemistry professor. Right from childhood both of them had taken the pain to educate him beyond the school studiesInter_SchoolQuiz_2011_2. So at that young age, he was excelled in all subjects. In a short time, he became the star of the class. All the teachers now selected Akash for all the competitions for which Shiva was sent earlier.

The short-tempered Shiva became highly annoyed that he was pushed to the second position. He even appealed to some teacher that he should be allowed for the competition. But the teacher in charge said that the school would definitely win if Akash participates instead of Shiva as he is brighter. Anger smouldered in the heart of Shiva day after day. The worst thing was now Shakti also started clearing his doubts from Akash and all her friends followed her.

On reaching the home that day Shiva had a big fight with his sister. He shouted “You are shameless to go and ask another boy in the class when you have you own brother to teach you” Shakthi did not understand the anger of her brother. She answered innocently,“ Shiva, Akash is teaching simple easy methods, which I can easily understand.  You explain very fast and I find it difficult to understand. But he teaches slowly. In fact, he is teaching better than you”
Before she finished the sentence 
br ,sis fightShiva pounced on her and started hitting her and she started screaming. Their mother heard the commotion and came running and separated both her kids.  She listened to both of the and finally said to her son.”Shiva, you have to ashamed of yourself. You are hitting your own sister! If that boy is teaching her well what is your problem? In that free time, you can read for your exam. Anyway, I won’t tolerate you hitting Shakthi.  From today you cannot get I Pad for a week. That is your punishment” She took the I Pad and went away.

That night Shiva could not sleep at all. Not only the school had insulted him even his sister and mother are making fun of him. The more he thought the more his anger fumed inside him. Finally, his devil mind thought of a plan. He said to himself.  “If I could take away Akash from my class then everything will be solved. But how? ” All the horror games he played in the I Pad where the bad man is pushed over the cliff came to his mind.  He decided on his plan.

Next day in the recess he approached Akash and told him that he wanted to get some doubts cleared and if Akash could wait after the school and teach him. Akash, unaware of the devil in Siva’s mind readily agreed.  After the school, Shiva told his sister to away home as he was going learn some maths from Akash. All the Students left the class and only Shiva and Akash were only in the class.  They studied for half an hour.

Then Shiva said, “Thank you Akash, you were such a help, Come let us go home” In a friendly way he put his hand around Akash’s shoulder and they started walking out of the class. Their class was on the first floor. When they just came to the staircase,  suddenly Shiva pulled Akash violently by his  caller and screamed, “You proud headed dog. You have made my life miserable. You have snatched my sister and all my friends and all my teacher’s love from me.   I want you dead just now then only I will have peace of mind” Akash was a thin and frail boy,  and he shivered at the anger of Shiva. As he stared at him with a shocked expression Shiva pushed Akash violently  down the stairs with all his might. A screaming Akash started rolling head along, and would have smashed his head at the last landing. But as a miracle, four well-built boys, of the tenth standard, who had stayed back in the playground, unexpectedly were coming up running. As they saw Akash rolling they jumped up the stairs and they  caught him, barely before he reached the third step.

Akash escaped with a few bruises. A stunned Shiva now stood frightened  at the top, that all the grown up boys looked at him with suspicion and shouted  “Hey, you, how did this boy fall down  when you are standing there?. ”They came up and surrounded him and held his shoulder roughly. By the time some teachers sitting in the staff room heard the commotion   and came out. Shiva was  frozen with fear and  too frightened to talk. The teacher too Shiva “How did Akash fall when you are standing here?”

To his surprise, Akash now  got up fast  and brushing off the dust from his shirt and smiling sheepishly said,   “Madam  it is all my fault. We two were talking and I was so engrossed that I turned to say something to Shiva  not realising that we had reached the stairs. I missed the first step and rolled down. It is my mistake” Shiva stood with head hung in shame , while Akash called him coolly  as if nothing happened ” Shiva let us go home”

In the evening,  Shiva confessed everything to his mother and she was too shocked. She said, “If Akash was not saved and hurt badly or had died, you would have spent your whole life in correction school. Both of your life would have got doomed” Later with her fried’s  help she sent Shiva for counseling for anger management.

Next day Akash told the teachers that he can not participate in all competition as it is too much of strain and half of the competitions should be given to Shiva.  His parent’s had advised him to do so. Then he turned to Shiva and smiled. Shiva was  touched by the good gesture of Aakash. A simple act of kindness and the right attitude  changed a bitter competitor to a dear friend. 

Children in our nuclear family are brought up in much comfort. Parents without one moment’s hesitation get them whatever they demanded. Often, these gifts are promised for winning. This breeds the competitive spirits strongly in the child. While there is nothing wrong in pushing yourself to excellence, the attitude of winning must change…shifting the focus from winning by defeating someone, to winning by bettering one’s performance. 

The children have long forgotten to share and care. Thus they flare up even if the smallest wish  is not satisfied.   Many occasions I had seen in the playground children hitting each other violently,  with whatever they have in their hand. The games they play in their I-Pad or computer is also based on violence, killing, hitting is all  that they have to do  to win. Then how will they ever learn anything about being kind?

Now it becomes the increased responsibility of both the parents, and teacher to teach children the basic elements of kindness, sympathy, and caring. Teach them to succeed but not at the cost of their peers.The parents can take their children regularly to orphanage etc and make them donate their books or toys to them  so that they will understand the value of sharing. Also, restrict the streak of violence even from childhood. Punish them by taking away their favourite book toys for some days. Don’t use force.

Dear teachers, the school also have the responsibility to cultivate to share and care for each other.  Instead of aiming in just winning the trophy for school and concentrating only on one boy, they should allow maximum participation of the students so that everyone would get a chance to on the stage and participate.  Instead of a single boy winning the elocution or science quiz a group of boys from school can take part and total points could be taken for the winning.  Group games should be encouraged more than single player games.

Very surprisingly violence and anger is now taken as one’s power by the younger generation. We hear every day about these  incidences  of  violence in school, colleges, public places  and road rage ending in death. It is  the biggest challenge we are facing today and it only in our hands to take care of the future of our country by teaching our young kids the value of kindness .


See you in next blog till then happy reading.



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