Who stole the Alum cube? (Part 2)

After the retired teacher’s wise advice, all the teachers teaching Pawan’s class sat together and discussed. Since it was tenth class and there was only four months left to finish the portions they decided, that they would all change their attitude at least temporarily, so that he would not disturb the class. On their special request, the PT teacher took him in cricket team as a second level substitute, if someone from the main team became ill etc. But, now he got to practice with the team and everyone noted his powerful bowling. The teacher started giving him importance by asking him to collect journals etc. Slowly,he started showing changes in his behaviour.

After a month when I was as usual sitting in the physics Lab, I was surprised to find the same Pawan, helping the peon to collect back the apparatus from every one after the experiment, even joking with him. Freed from rebuke and insult, the angry young man Pawan had changed. He passed out of tenth without any major incident.

After ten years, one day I ran into him in the market.  He was well groomed and looked like an office executive. Since he was well grown up in the school itself, it was not difficult to recognize him. His voice was so polished and polite. He said that, after completing his B.Com, he renovated his father’s grocery shop and had set it up as an electronic shop there.  I felt really thrilled. As we lived nearby, I continued to hear of his expanded his business and partnerships with leading builders and is running project in many places.

Greater than his prosperity in life what is so heartening is, that he has now  become a sort of messiah for everyone living around in this area.  If a doctor is needed in the mid of the night, you have to just call him and the doctor would knock at your door in ten minutes. If your over head tank stars over flowing at one thirty in the night ( as it happened in my house),  believe me, he would get a plumber at that hour of the night. He is just like, dial his number service.  Very kind and helping every one without any expectations.

I wonder often, where was this kind personality of Pawan hidden, when he was in school? If it had not been for the wise Mrs.Rane, would this child have lost his sense of justice? The kindness and acceptance shown at the right moment had filled  him with the first taste of genuine confidence. It had awakened his self-respect and produced a desire to experience more and more of the wondrous sense of belonging and acceptance.

Honestly speaking, seeing these deviant students changing into good human beings and achieve great success in life, makes us feel so proud of our teaching profession.In my next blog, I will put down a few strategies that both parents and teachers can use in dealing with the Pawn in your life.






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