With my forty   years of  wonderful teaching  experience,  I have a gazillion memories of my students.  Class room manner and other  occasions  which gave me an opportunity  of spending time with them outside the school,  like their science project, elocution or simple relaxing picnic trip etc

I have  observed with surprise  that the face the child  exhibits  in  the class  room, in the  closed restrained environment is  absolutely different  when he is in the open air.  In a two hour bus trip, a child may suddenly reveal to you a story that has been in his heart the entire  year while he sat in your Math class. Sometimes, these are very positive heartening joyous stories but a few times, the discoveries are not so pleasant.

As parents, and grandparents we always believe that our child is good. Beyond the academics or their extracurricular performance , there is largely the well behaved children and the naughty kids and the bullies.  However ,without exception, the parents are in shock when the hidden streak  of violence  or a deviant behaviour of their child is exposed at some unexpected event and they wish that they had some clue of it earlier so that they could have rectified their kids.

From my long years of teaching experience I am writing about the true stories of some of my students which shocked the teachers as much as the parents. It is possible that after reading this you may pay a little more attention to your child and observe him when you are not around and when the child is not aware that he is being watched.This blog is basically to share my experience and the warning signs and the questions , so you parents are not caught unawares.

Why  you ask me? Because I  have two daughters and four grandkids now.. . I see my daughters struggle with deciding classes, growing up kids, sudden temper tantrums, lying  and ..more…and while I tell them these stories, I share them with you

What a teacher sees, and you parents may need to watch out for….